MBSR Teacher Training/Mentorship

I acknowledge your exploration of MBSR teacher training/mentoring and the implied desire to help others.  Learning to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a rewarding and challenging process.  My journey in teaching began in 1994 and I find guiding others toward developing their practice both fulfilling and meaningful work.

The most important requirement for teaching mindfulness is having an established personal mindfulness practice. The 8-week MBSR course provides a structure and support for your personal practice along with direct experience of what is taught in MBSR teacher training/certification programs.  This the first step in the requirements toward certification for both of the programs listed below.  I’d be happy to help start you on your way toward certification. I encourage you to take a look at both programs and I hope to meet you at an upcoming 8-week course.  

In addition, I’d also be glad to mentor you after your completion of teacher training from one of the two places mentioned below.  I have mentored and supervised teachers for two National Institute of Drug Abuse grants.  Currently I mentor for UCSD Center for Mindfulness.  Mentorship is a requirement for teacher certification from UCSD.

Whether you’ve just begun or have taught for a while, mentorship can assist you in becoming a skillful MBSR teacher.

Mentorship can provide:

  • Weekly meetings, in person or online, to explore the details of a previous class and prepare the the next one.
  • A safe, supportive environment in which you can explore the challenges and blessings of teaching MBSR.
  • Advice and coaching in guiding meditations whether in class or recording.
  • Aid in the exploration of and learning about conducting skillful “inquiry” in your classes so students can deepen insight into their experience.
  • Understanding the conceptual underpinnings of the 8-week course to allow you to weave together the 8 classes and integrate various aspects within each separate class to make it seamless. 

Programs (in the US) that offer MBSR teacher training and certification.  

Center for Mindfulness/Oasis Institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is where MBSR was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 and was first place to certify people to teach MBSR. 

UCSD Center for Mindfulness at the University of California San Diego

I am a mentor for new teachers through the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and would love to help guide you through the process.