​​​Mindful Living

About our retreats

It gives one an opportunity to listen deeply to his/her body, heart and mind. The silent support of the other participants investigating their own process and practice creates a sense of community that allows a deepening of understanding through an experience of what happens beyond words. To this end, the community that is created within each retreat is vital to helping each participant deepen his/her practice. 

​When attending the retreat we ask that you arrive with a spirit of renunciation and simplicity. In each retreat we will experience Noble Silence, mindful sitting, walking, eating and loving-kindness meditations, as well as mindful yoga. The meditations and yoga will have enough guidance to allow people of all levels of meditation practice to attend.

Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our life.

"When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, 
we lose connection with one another - and ourselves.”

~ Jack Kornfield

Mindful Living retreat in Italy