Mindfulness & Aging


Exploring Aging as a Path to Awakening…

 “Getting old isn’t for sissies”.  You’ve heard that one, right?  It certainly attests to the challenges of aging.  Many people go to extremes to look and stay young.  It’s good to tend to our health but often the struggle to push away the inevitable simply wears us out. 

In this class we’ll explore the inevitable truth of aging as a path to awakening. Join others who want to explore aging through wakefulness, curiosity, acceptance, equanimity and compassionate self-care. 

Mindfulness can help us cultivate these qualities in order to face the inevitable reality of life:  the nature to grow old, to have ill health, to have change and loss, and to die. It is in that acceptance that we can live fully and love well. 

There are thousands of research studies demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness.  It has been found to aid in positive health and wellness outcomes, including stronger immune responses, increase in gray matter in the brain, and the suggestion that mindfulness meditation might slow cellular aging.

Research on mindfulness with aging adults shows improvement for aging adults in attention and memory, decreases in anxiety and depression, and positive benefit with pain.