​​​Mindful Living

For those who are unable to commit to the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, or if the next one is not scheduled for a while, individualized MBSR training may be appropriate. Individual training is tailored to your needs and includes instruction in and practice of several mindfulness meditations and discussion of how to bring mindfulness into your life. As an alternative, you may consider the 4-hour Mindfulness Basics Workshop.

Typically, individualized MBSR begins with one meeting lasting for two back-to-back 50-minute sessions, followed by two or more shorter sessions. Further sessions will be discussed and are determined by the individual's desires and intentions.

Fees are based on a sliding scale ranging from $100 to $150 per 50-minute session and determined by your gross annual income. These fees may be reimbursable by health insurance.

To schedule your individualized MBSR training, please familiarize yourself with mindfulness by viewing this introduction video and then complete and submit our intake form.  Micki will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. Please know, we also have the ability to conduct your training over the internet via Skype. Additionally, here are our
client information forms. You can save a little time at your first appointment by bring them with you already completed.

For more information about
Micki's style & philosophy, thebenefits of mindfulness and testimonials about training with Micki...

As you study and practice mindfulness, it can be quite helpful to have the guidance of a teacher.

"Mindfulness can help you to embrace the difficult experiences from which you have fled and find freedom through compassion and acceptance."  ~ Micki Fine

Individualized Training