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Join us for an 8-week MBSR Course designed for either the General Public, Mental Health or Medical Professionals.

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can be experienced by nearly anyone and can help one live life more fully, peacefully and resourcefully.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Benefits of Mindfulness


Test the Water... 

Join us for a 45 min. orientation.  Meet Micki and determine if the 8-week course is right for you.

Get Your Feet Wet!

Experience and learn the basics in our introductory 4-hr. workshop called Mindfulness Basics.

Many studies have found that mindfulness practice:

  • Enhances ability to act effectively under high degrees of stress,
  • Reduces depression and anxiety,
  • Increases well-being,
  • Increases openness to experience,
  • Strengthens immune system, 
  • Increases traits of hardiness, self-awareness, self-trust, and self-acceptance
  • Improves interpersonal relationships,
  • Fosters an awareness that is clear, non-conceptual, and flexible.
  • Positively alters the structure and neural patterns in the brain - strengthening regions associated compassion, equanimity, clarity and wisdom 


Read how others have benefited from mindfulness training with Micki Fine.